Assembly, transport and speeding up processes. These are all challenges that vary in difficulty depending on the task in question. They also represent the day-to-day work of our team of experts, who master them with knowledge, experience and commitment.

Industrial assembly from Franz Bracht

Our expertise gets the job done

Movement is not only a typical characteristic of all operating facilities but also the ultimate sign of productivity and efficiency. Although the interruption of routine procedures is therefore considered to be extremely disturbing, it is sometimes unavoidable, for example in the case of structural modifications or when machines and equipment need to be replaced or converted.

Such situations require the involvement of specialists who can perform groundwork and installation work rapidly, professionally and within the stipulated time frame, as well as organising and professionally executing the transport of loads within your facility, even under the toughest conditions. Of course, it is only possible to fulfil all these needs with the appropriate technology – and we’ve got it covered. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment such as high-performance transport systems, truck-mounted cranes, forklifts and – for tasks in extremely tight spaces – lifting platforms and electrically-powered industrial cranes to meet your industrial assembly needs.

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