"Top performance and safety without compromise in all areas are therefore part and parcel of our work – together with respectful communication and cooperation with people both within and outside of our company."

Two employees assembling

Ability and character

Some of the fundamental principles of our company include every employee taking individual responsibility for their field of work, compliance with clearly defined rules and a responsible approach towards both the environment and resources.

Passion, determination and dedication at its best

Day after day, we prove that whatever the situation, our customers from the fields of wind energy, building construction, steelwork, concrete construction, cement work, chemistry and other industries can fully rely on the skills, expertise and motivation of our specialists for heavy loads, who are trained in-house. What’s more, our well-considered quality, environmental and occupational health and safety measures guarantee that the interests of our customers, employees and surroundings are always a top priority. 

Employees in front of a crane
Several cranes in use at dusk

We feel right at home up in the heights

But there’s no need to worry; we also keep our feet firmly on the ground. And this comes as no surprise given our down-to-earth approach. We succeed in achieving ambitious goals and transporting loads of different shapes, sizes and weights to their assigned destinations thanks to a simple, but essential, recipe for success: always working safely, precisely and according to plan. After all, that’s what it's all about, right?

Experience and meticulous care

Our partners in the fields of environmental technology, industry and construction benefit from our professionalism and experience day after day. They also make the most of our top-quality vehicle fleet, careful planning and exemplary execution, especially when a large-scale project requires the coordinated and simultaneous use of more than 60 truck-mounted cranes.

an employee navigating a crane
Expertise, strength and technology

Expertise, strength and technology

FRANZ BRACHT is considered to be a strong and fully reliable specialist for hoisting and transporting loads, especially among manufacturers of wind power plants and companies from the fields of reinforced concrete construction, structural and civil engineering, prefabricated construction, the large-scale industry and petrochemistry. Our technical equipment is able to handle the heaviest loads, high unit weights and large dimensions. 

Constructors, builders and project engineers in all sectors value the service, professionalism and experience of our team. At every stage of a project, the professional excellence of our crane operators and expert drivers guarantees maximum safety standards and perfect work processes.

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